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Off-Topic posts are posted here, if your post has nothing to do with shock games then you would post it here


I'm kind of getting tired of all of this spam in my email box... "NEW TOPIC CALLED: hi or ya"

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How are u using the website, it’s completely offline...

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And it’s because we are doing tests all the time, but really, how?

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Here is where you post suggestions for us. If you really want us to add something or change something then post here and talk about what you really want added and why.  if you want to support the suggestion then like it, if you dont then just dont like it, then every month, we get the most 20 liked posts and we will take it into consideration. Please do not be mean on a post, again, if you dont want it to be added then just dont like it. And we do listen to our community, because we make the
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If you need help with something then post here, but staff members are not gonna help you with your question, this is where you get help from other users on the site.

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Update 23!

Update Announcement - What’s new?

Added Particles to the background! We added customer service, suggestions help, off-topic, announcements, information, events sections. Facebook login, ANIMATED PROFILE PICTURES! (to get animated profile picture contact me), User of the month!! Doodles!New doodles every day related to a holiday on the day, information card, discord widget!Countdown until release of lasertag!How neat is that! Themes on special events!

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