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Shock Games Shutdown!

Dear Shock Games Users, We are shutting down.


Well, we have gotten hacked many times and we cannot deal with it anymore. We tried our best to stop these hackers but we failed. We are sorry.

I love you guys and the work you do, if you are closing down, are you working on something else?

Yes! We are working on something else, tetretalk! Where you play games created by people. This is not a roblox rip off, this does not have the blocky style that roblox has. If you want to play tetretalk, The

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Person1: "I play games!" Person2: "I play websites!" Person3: "I play with your sister!"


Minecraft is the best.

Minecraft is 100% the best game ever, just saying.




magic trick by hypergolicity

Not fake. This actually happened.
1) it was not a string pulling the page, if you pay attention there is no string
2) it was not a fan, a single page turning cubically cannot be done by a fan
3) No interpolation could have happened, it's a book ... Read more


Cant wait!
Your mom

The Lost Continenet

I am still reading the book. I'm on page 74/212


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Im STupid

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