Posting Guidelines

A post on our topics or DMs must fulfill these requirements or else it can be deleted (Admininstrators reserve all rights as to when this happens, or any further consequences as a result):

* No NSFW content or profanity of any kind

* Rude, discriminatory, or defamatory remarks

* Bullying/Witchhunting (repeated attacks on the same person or calling on other people to attack them)

* Harassment (a repeated and refused request of any kind)

* Asking for/giving personal information (PII is not allowed to be displayed on our website in posts or in DMs)

* Real life threats (Violence/Doxxing/Hacking threats, serious or not, to anyone)

* Trolling (causing drama for your entertainment or others')

* Malicious content/suspicious URLs

Have fun and stay safe!


-Trust And Safety Team

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