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Privacy Policy

We store your e-mail addresses on our server. Message a staff member if you would like your account deleted, in turn deleting your email address from our server.

We store your IP address on an IP logging website. We may only use this information to IP ban you.

We use Google Analytics as well as other cookie-based systems, which are required for our website to run effectively. If you disable JavaScript or first- and/or third-party cookies then we do not guarantee that our website will function and will offer no support. Request to Staff to delete your account and discontinue use of this website immediately and we will do our best to scrub your information off of the servers.

Terms of Service

Admins, Administrators, or Staff are users of the website granted privileges to delete posts and user's accounts, ban users, edit posts, and respond and read reports, as well as being given the ability to read all users' email addresses. ALL OF THE ABOVE CAN BE DONE WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT OR WARNING, BY ANY STAFF MEMBER, FOR NO OR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, AT ANY TIME. These Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will no longer apply to you if your account is deleted.

Please follow the Posting Guidelines (Guidelines). If you violate the Guidelines, we reserve the right to delete your post or edit out the content violating the Guidelines but have no obligation to.

We may change these Terms of Service/Privacy Policy at any time, with or without warning you. It is your responsibility to read these Terms.

If our website experiences a server outage or loses functionality or accessibility for any reason then we are not obligated to restore it. This may happen at any time without prior notice.

You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless, you agree to forfeit your right to any class action lawsuit involving us, and we may apply these Terms of Service to anyone we choose.

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