Shock Games Shutdown!

Dear Shock Games Users, We are shutting down.


Well, we have gotten hacked many times and we cannot deal with it anymore. We tried our best to stop these hackers but we failed. We are sorry.

I love you guys and the work you do, if you are closing down, are you working on something else?

Yes! We are working on something else, tetretalk! Where you play games created by people. This is not a roblox rip off, this does not have the blocky style that roblox has. If you want to play tetretalk, The site is Join the discord for announcements at Play Now!

I was a staff member for Shock Games and want to be a staff member for tetretalk now!

Whether you were staff or not, you can apply for staff for tetretalk! DM The owner on discord!

We are very sorry! We hope you are not mad at us!


- Shock Games CEO

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